Since 1994, Pacific Investments and Development Ltd. has demonstrated the consistent ability to discover and develop properties in markets with exceptional growth potential, in both the domestic and international arenas. Pacific’s tenacious management style and professional integrity has also contributed greatly to a successful exit on 15 projects to date, averaging a 28.8% return per year for investors over the past 16 years. At a time when Securities Regulation is extending its protection for investors to include land investment and development entities, Pacific has quietly become a leading firm, vital to the industry by setting the standard for professional purchasing and assembly of land for Canadian and International Investors at home and abroad. Pacific currently has four active projects located in Calgary and Fort McMurray, Alberta. Pacific is currently in the process of identifying new residential, commercial and industrial-use lands in Calgary, Fort McMurray, and in Panama. The company has a productive track record in each of these three locations. Fort McMurray in particular is poised for even more dramatic growth in the coming decade.

Development Team Pacific Investments and Development Ltd. has assembled an industry-leading team of consultants with an extensive history of success to effectively create and implement our development plans. The team is committed to meeting strict development criteria and timelines, with their attention focused on the sustainability, affordability and the involvement of local stakeholders throughout the development process.

Pacific Investments & Development Ltd. was incorporated in Canada in June, 1994. Pacific has managed over 100 million dollars in real estate investment property within Alberta and abroad, representing more than 800 land investors. Pacific Investments & Developments Ltd’s commitment to acquiring investment property with superior growth potential, coupled with strong management and a proven ability to obtain land use designation, continues to ensure lucrative returns for investors. Founder and President, Dennis J. Doherty, guides Pacific Investments & Development Ltd. with experience and integrity. Prior to starting Pacific, Mr. Doherty spent eight years within the land acquisition and assembly industry working with investment property. Mr. Doherty developed and marketed residential, commercial and industrial property world-wide, with an emphasis on properties in Canada, the United States and Asia. Pacific Investments & Developments Ltd. has now turned its sights on some very exciting emerging real estate markets. Please review our Current Opportunities page for more information on investment property.