Project Plan

PACIFIC DEVELOPMENT INCOME FUND “C units”Purchase Date: July 16, 2007.

Purchase Price: $25,087.36 USD per unit (200 units)

STATUS (Dec. 2012):

Construction activity in the immediate area of our project continues to gain momentum, and the final leg of the North Corridor Freeway to Tocumen Airport is currently under construction.

The contract for the North Region Water Main has been awarded to Odebrecht (see company profile this page) to run a 1-metre diameter water line from east to west along the Gonzallilo Freeway that will supply water to entire north-east of Panama City, and beyond. Pacific was able to negotiate a lease with Odebrecht on our property, which allows Odebrecht to use a portion of the property as a staging area for construction of the water main, in exchange for site improvement to our lands, which include:

• The cut and fill of over 30,000 m3 of soil;

• Grading the entrance of our property to the same topography as the freeway;

• Creating a second approach entrance to our property off of the Gonzalillo Freeway;

• P roviding a “rough-in” location for our property’s tie-in to the new water line;

• Odebrecht will be bringing hydro electricity to our property from approximately 3 kilometres away.