Since 1994, Pacific Investments and Development Ltd. has been a key investor/ developer of profitable parcels of land on the perimeter of the City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, such as:

• Rocky Ridge

• Royal Oak

• Chaparral Valley

• Auburn

Pacific has managed over $100,000,000 in real estate holdings within Alberta and abroad, representing more than 1,200 land investors. Pacific’s commitment to acquiring properties with superior growth potential, coupled with strong management and a proven ability to obtain land use designation, continues to ensure buoyant returns for investors.

Statistics for Completed Projects

    • Average Project Duration: 5.4 years
    • Average Project Return: 171.6%
    • Average Project Return, per year (non-cumulative): 33.9%

Pacific Investments & Development Ltd. has an excellent track record
on past investment offerings. Investors should be aware that past
performance is not a guarantee of the financial performance
of present and future investment opportunities.